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  • Welcome to Jula herbal napkins, where you can breathe easily and maintain good health. With Jula herbal sanitary napkins, bid adieu to the uncomfortable sensation and annoying illnesses during certain times of the month. Jula napkins are the most hygienic and all-natural option for women and girls during menstruation because they are clinically tested and made of 100% surgical cotton.

Jula napkins are making a significant improvement in sanitization. These handmade unscented sanitary pads without the presence of perfume can prevent skin irritation as well as keep unwanted health issues at bay. With eco-friendly and disposable sanitary products, Jula is guiding the hygiene of women and girl in the correct direction.


  • Periods are a tough time every woman and girl goes through. With constant cramps, changing of napkins, infections and allergies, keeping the hygiene intact is a very difficult task during those days. But at those times, Jula herbal napkins are a blessing.

Jula uses pure cotton and natural ingredients for the napkins that are skin-friendly and help reduce any itching or infections during menstruation. By not using harmful scents  in napkins, Jula makes both the women’s health and mother earth a better place to live in.


  • Menstrual hygiene is an important issue and a sensitive topic for many. But Jula is on a mission to abolish all the taboos and focus more on women’s health and hygiene. Jula provides organic sanitary napkins that are made of high quality natural ingredients and are safe to use without any issues.

The Jula herbal napkins are disposable and are available in three different sizes providing more comfort. These napkins also prevent any skin diseases or infections. Using Jula napkins are hygienic, eco-friendly and also cost-effective for women and girls at all ages.


  • Jula is the new normal among ladies. Enjoy a trouble free period with Jula herbal napkins. It is safe, comfortable and affordable. The napkins are clinically tested and contain herbs that dates back to our ayurvedic history. The biodegradable napkins are developed with a mission to keep the environment safe and pollution-free.

Jula herbal napkins are made of neem, aloe vera, khas-khas grass and 100% pure surgical cotton. These products make the napkin more absorbing and comfortable to wear during the menstrual cycle. Ladies’ hygiene is kept safe with Jula herbal napkins, which are of the highest quality and have received clinical approval.


  • The mission of Jula herbal napkins is to safeguard women’s health and do away with their menstrual issues. For women, unhygienic and allergic napkins are a nightmare. Jula offers 100% natural sanitary products to help combat these issues.

Jula napkin aids in regulating periods. Infections and allergies can also be controlled. The environment-friendly and cost-effective napkins have been scientifically verified to work for every lady. Three distinct sizes of high-quality, comfy napkins are offered by Jula. Now, walk with assurance and trust that Jula herbal napkins can handle your period issues. Every step of the journey, we are by your side.

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