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How natural pads protect women’s health

Some synthetic pads may contain dioxins and furans, which are by-products of a bleaching process and have been linked with cancer and disorders like endometriosis.


Artificial fragrances, that are often added to these pads to neutralise the odour can irritate the skin causing rashes and itchiness while also negatively affecting the natural PH level of one’s skin

Lack of awareness / availability

Environmental Hazards

Plastic used in non-biodegradable napkins take 100’s of years to decompose

Disposal of several synthetic pads and plastic containing tampons contributes to the massive landfill in many countries

The Solution

Safeguard women’s health

Protect the environment

HERBAL - Powered by herbs like neem, aloe vera, vetiver and fever nut
PURE COTTON - Made with sterilized surgical material that is 100% cotton and non-bleached
PACK - Eco-friendly and customized packaging with different sizes in one pack.


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